Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I don't want to hear about it!!!

Got it?! I'm well aware that there has been no "kayla thoughts" published on here in well over a month. That means I've missed: A trip to my parents, Halloween, another trip to my parents. Thanksgiving and the snow. And thats not including all of the random, day to day Emily nonsense I have to deal with ALSO. I have alot to catch up on, but I'm not doing that tonight. I'm going to be random tonight (because I'm pregnant and I can!)

It all started while I was sitting on my couch tonight. We had all (by "all" I mean me Aaron and Emily) ate dinner and Aaron was teaching Emily some sweet WWF moves on the far side of the couch. Aarons little brother Andrew calls and asks if he can come over and sell some See's Candie for school. I said "sure!"...I wouldn't mind a little chocolate! 2 seconds later, Kaylee calls and asks if I know what the heck the Polygram Theory is. She meant the Pythagorean Theorem, you know.....the notorious formula on how to find the length of the hypotenuse of a triangle that you will NEVER NEED TO KNOW AGAIN, but for whatever reason I remember because it was the only thing that my only spanish speaking Geometry teacher successfully taught me my ENTIRE Sophomore year.... so...she's on her way over so I can teach her. Before both Andrew and Kaylee arrive, Aaron's long time friend (and pretty much cousin) sticks his head in the door (wearing a mustache....who knows why, but aaron nearly screamed like a girl at it) Cody is followed by Aaron's brother Matt and his girlfriend Lauren. Cody needs to know if I can sew some pants up for him because they are too long and too wide. Now, I am NOT a seamstress. I was not blessed with that gene. But recently I have been forcing myself to learn the basics, so I agree to play around and see if I fix them.

After signing away a morgage sized check to See's Candies for Andrew's fundraiser I paused for a second to watch as Matt and Lauren chased Emily up and down the hallway. She is screaming bloody murder and laughing hysterically. Cody is half naked in my rocking chair while I rip the seams out of his pants and try to tutor Kaylee simultaneously.... I had a tiny epiphany:

When Aaron and I first got married we both wanted mass amounts of kids. 5-7 to be exact. After Emily, I was confident that she was going to kill me. We struggled enough financially with just one. What would 5 be like?! so over time we decided that 2 was our number (unless of course God gave us a second girl...which he did. So now 3 is in question) After tonight....I realized that maybe Aaron and I are not meant to birth more than 2 or 3 kids, but our calling somewhere is to do something that has to do with being a parental figure to many many more kids. Don't ask me what that "something" is. I have no idea, but the funny part is that Aaron agreed. He actually went outside to get something out of the car and had a little moment to himself before he walked back inside, where he just listened to all the chaos inside and smiled. I know he felt it too and that proves to me that it's God pointing us both in the direction He wants our lives to go. Do I know where that is now? NOPE! but I know I'm pointed the right way.

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