Monday, May 23, 2011

Must document...

A few nights ago Claire rolled over, Is thought it was a fluke. Last night she rolled over again. It was inn the bed so I disregarded it. But today.... She is over every time I set her down. Although Im excited...I'm also not. This is not my first rodeo. I know well enough that this the first milestone to mobility and THAT scares...almost as much as the thought of "prom"

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 and 3/4

Today is a special day. (special enough for me to sneak next door and steal my in-laws internet so that I can make this post) Today BOTH of my girls are 3 and 3/4. Now...before you think I'm crazy because that is IMPOSSIBLE, let me explain. Emily, my munchy bug is 3 3/4 YEARS old. Claire, my sweet love bug, is 3 3/4 MONTHS old. Cool day, huh? I had to document it.

Someday when AT&T decides that they want to come fix my internet line I have a MILLION pictures to post. But I can only do one for now.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wedding Pictures

First wedding back of the season and it's an associate wedding for A.Blake Photography. Talk about pressure. Glad I got the "first wedding" jitters out of the way. I needed to get my brain back in gear so that I can power out the rest of the season to the best of my abilities. What better place than The Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach? It is beautiful there! Although The Cliffs and I have our history (not the people, but the actual place) and there has been some discussion as to whether I carry a Cliffs curse, I was excited to face my "fears" head on and get this first wedding out of the way. The best way to deal with fear is to face it head on right? I did just that and although The Cliffs tried to stir me up and take me down again, I (and my wonderful level headed assistant) prevailed and made it through the night with only a hiccup or two.

This all sounds so melodramatic but I'm not up for going in to details just yet. I also got to see the joys of being a working, exclusively breast feeding mom. Boy was that fun. Again, I will spare the gory details for you all.

This wedding was my milestone for the year. If I made it through this one, I would be confident I could make it through the rest. Wedding season 2011 here I come!

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( babies end up bald :( 

Someday I will learn to keep on top of things!

We had an awesome Easter this year. Very relaxed. I can't always say that about the holidays in this family. I married in to a larger than life family on top of my side living 8 hours away...sometimes it can get a little hectic. This year we opted to say home (thanks to a gas prices and lack of money) and enjoy Easter at home.

Cute picture right... LOOK AT THE FINGERS! We ditched the wire 
dipper thing about 1 1/2 egg in to dying

She was over pictures

It was cold, and windy, Claire's dress wouldn't stop blowing up, she lost a 
sock and would cry if I took the binky out. sigh....

I think I'm going to restage them this weekend so that I get some good ones to remember...or is having bad ones whats fun about remembering?

Best I've got

Emily's Easter basket full of goodies

Straight to the candy...

Claire got a big stuffed bunny and some pretty purple and pink binkies. I don't have any pictures of her with them because...well...she wasn't having it and wanted to get out of the wind. Poor baby... Can you believe she will be over a year old and walking the next time she does this? I can't...
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