Thursday, May 5, 2011


( babies end up bald :( 

Someday I will learn to keep on top of things!

We had an awesome Easter this year. Very relaxed. I can't always say that about the holidays in this family. I married in to a larger than life family on top of my side living 8 hours away...sometimes it can get a little hectic. This year we opted to say home (thanks to a gas prices and lack of money) and enjoy Easter at home.

Cute picture right... LOOK AT THE FINGERS! We ditched the wire 
dipper thing about 1 1/2 egg in to dying

She was over pictures

It was cold, and windy, Claire's dress wouldn't stop blowing up, she lost a 
sock and would cry if I took the binky out. sigh....

I think I'm going to restage them this weekend so that I get some good ones to remember...or is having bad ones whats fun about remembering?

Best I've got

Emily's Easter basket full of goodies

Straight to the candy...

Claire got a big stuffed bunny and some pretty purple and pink binkies. I don't have any pictures of her with them because...well...she wasn't having it and wanted to get out of the wind. Poor baby... Can you believe she will be over a year old and walking the next time she does this? I can't...
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