Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post

This is my last post of the year!! Tomorrow starts a New Year. It's a time for new beginnings and resolutions. What are my resolutions? I have several this year. Probably to make up for all the years that I've never had any. Then again, I ask myself "Why must it be a new year for me to decide to change or do something new?" Well this just happens to be a convient time for, as it is for alot of other people. So what are they?

1) Start being more deligent about my blogging.
Both on here and for my professional blog ( I regret stopping doing both of them. I look back on all the things I've wrote or things that I've taken pictures of and I'm sad that I missed doing that for a while.

2) Start "home schooling" Emily.
Yes, she's way too young for homeschool persay, however I feel that I need to give her more structure. I need to be able to sit her down and say "Okay, Emily, it's school time" and teach her. I know that she will be so happy with it. She strives to learn more every day and I think that will help occupy some of her brain and maybe keep her out of mischief...a little. Since I blogged on her last she has learned so many new things that I'm going to have to keep adding them as they come up. But some of them are the letters "mommy E", "baby e", "m", "i", she has some trouble with "l" and doesn't quite have "y". She can also legitematly draw an "e" most of the time. So I feel that if I can channel her brain into learning her letters that she will be able to read before preschool...okay not really but she will definatly be ready by the time she turns 3.

3) More structure in myself.
My days go by all too fast. It could be the late hours that I wake up and the lack of structure in my daughter that I chase 24/7 that has done this too me, but I feel that if I can do this it will greatly improve my days.

4) Improve myself.
I want to start going to the gym and getting healthy. and I want to start eating healthier...Again, these also will reflect in Emily. When the dogs start barking Emily runs to the door and says "pizza?" That has to be a bad sign. She also calls Dr. Pepper "peppa dee". She has recently started both of these things and it's a bit of a red flag, the fact that she thinks the dog barking always means pizza and that she can easily distinguish Dr. Pepper from any other dring actually makes me kind of sad.

and I think with all of these things I will be able to do number 5

5) Become a better house wife and wife in general.
I want to pick up some wifely hobbies like: gardening, sewing, and baking. All three things I'm pretty sure that I'm cursed at doing, but I think with the TIME to be able to practice that I can at least give a valient effort to improve on them.

6) But 100% into building my business
Photography is something that I LOVE. Not only is it a passion and fun hobby, it is also a dream come true to be given such an amazing opportunity to build my on something that I love so much!

So with all of that said...I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year in my last post of 2009.

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