Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's a new year!!

...but first some things from the last day of 2009. Aaron's Aunt Katie and her fiancé Jon, make it official!
While traveling up to Pine Mountain Club to spend New Years with Aaron's granny we saw the moon rise up over the mountains and it was BEAUTIFUL! After thoroughly being 'Tourist Tom' and stopping enough times to drive Aaron and Kaylee a little batty, I found out that I had actually captured something rare. Apparently it was a "blue moon". For those of you who don't know what it is, like I didn't, even though I hear it all the time, it is when 2 full moons occur in the same month. Only a few times every 19 years. I took pictures of it because it was so bright. Almost annoyingly bright as we drove across Carrizo Plains in the dark. I captured it's beauty and then quickly thought of my elementary days and how it would have been the perfect night to go toilet papering.

and finally...A picture of the three of us as Aaron and I mash Emily's head for our New Year's kiss.

So far my New Year has been great. Lots of great food and lots of fun and games with family. While I sit here on the couch, being a bum. I hear dishes being washed, and Margie getting ready to cook an amazing lunch, I'm sure. Kim is trying to help while Me, Katie, Kaylee, Willy, Andrew and Chelsea's boyfriend Adam play Phase 10. Willy is winning by a long shot and let this be recorded that it is the first time that Kaylee is not whoopin' up on everyone. Emily was running around chasing the dogs with a handful of carrot cake but has finally crashed and curled up on Chelsea's lap to watch the rest of Dennis the Menis....I hope she doesn't get any new ideas. OH, haha, and my wonderful husband went with his uncle DJ motorcycle riding in the snow, so I probably won't see him until the sun goes down. This is my new year and so far I'm liking the direction it is going!

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