Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...just to hold you over due to procrastination

1) I finally have my brain back from last weekend
2) I've spend the above said last week figuring out insurance information to get to the thousands of places that I have to send it all to.
3) it has been raining cats and dogs so 6 out of the last 10 days, I haven't had internet
4)I am:
a) going to the gym
b) trying (in a futile attempt) to keep my house clean
c) working hard on homework for my Pathways
d) starting a course that will end up in me getting my degree in photography that is kicking my butt
e) and trying to chase around a 2 year old that seems to have a new terror-ific outlook on life after a near death experince

So, PLEASE, forgive me if I take a little sanity time in a bubble bath instead of writing on my blog. I am, now, sane and done with my homework and sitting in a clean house with all of my laundry done. Life is good and tomorrow...my blog. But for now, my favorite picture from THEE weekend of Emily the morning after her little incident.

I rely on my sole to carry me through,
All of my other bits rely on it too.
It withstands the hardships of any weather,
Has taken its beatings more than the leather,
It remains unseen until I look,
Reassuringly there ‘neath each step that I took.

Tina Louise

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Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

One of my new favorite pictures! I understand, but your still getting an award wich must go on your blog...its the law of blog awards! Love you, and we still would like the story when you are ready to re hash of what happend to Emily Bugg!