Thursday, January 28, 2010


So I decide that it will be SOOOOO much easier if, instead of making one big blog, I will break them up through out the day and get SOMETHING done in between. Don't get me wrong, I'm a GREAT multitasker, but if I'm on the computer...I get sucked in and can spend the whole day "doing important things on it".

So for today (actually yesterday):

Yesterday was his 23rd birthday. He's getting so old :( Just kidding. I love him so much! He is the best husband, and father that I could ever ask for. He's loving, caring, kind, and a gentle giant; my protecter. Not to mention dead sexy, I mean...look at that picture...and he wasn't even posing. I love him 10x more now than I did when I married him, which was almost 4 years ago!! I know I say often, as a term of endearment of course, but don't get me's not always peachy. Sometimes I could burry him in the backyard, but I'm sure that he would say that the . . . er, shovel? goes both ways on that one. LOVE YOU BABE!!

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