Monday, January 4, 2010

Candy Cane Blues


Over the weekend I was told by a few people that Emily was pointing to her teeth and saying "ow" while she was eating some sort of candy. As part of my New Years Resolution I had said that I would be better about giving Emily candy, but that doesn't always mean that I can control a Granny or Grammy or Aunty from slipping her some while I'm not looking. So with cookies, and sugar plums, fudge and candy canes still floating around from the holidays, she was bound to get much more sweets that I wanted.
This morning while she was sitting in the bathtub and I was brushing her teeth, she said "ow" and opened her mouth. I asked her to show me where the "ow" was and she stuck her finger in the back of her mouth. When I tilted her head back and looked in her mouth I thought for sure I was going to find a little black dot...or 2 (note: she does NOT get that much candy and I didn't have my first cavity until I was 17) Instead what I found was, not one, but TWO big, pearly, half emerged, molars. when I looked on the bottom, sure enough there where 2 new teeth there also. So hopefully this is the cause of her sensitivity because I REALLY was not looking forward to having to strap her down to a dental chair to be looked at.
You know the kids that you hear screaming in the back of the dentist office and you swear that the doctor must have forgotten to give them their numbing medicine? Mom comes out all sweaty and panicked looking, as the doctor swears to never enter anything pediatrics again...? Then you find out that all it was, was a few x-rays and a mouth mirror? THAT would be my Emily at the dentist. So, instead of thoroughly embarrassing myself...I'm going to lay of the sweets completely now that the holidays are over!!

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Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

oh man I hope she is ok, and that picture is so cute! Love it!