Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lupin's and tutu's

The central coast is BLOOMING with flowers. Everywhere you go there is a rainbow of wildflowers all over the surrounding hills. I couldn't only imagine what it looks like from above.

I have been DYING to take Emily out and do pictures with her in the wildflowers...they say the next time it will rain this much and there will be this many flowers is when Emily is 7!! CRAZY. Let's not think about her being that old, because if you double that then she will be old enough to have her licence, most likely have put a boy or two through the ringer and will be graduating high school...which all equates to my life being over! I'm going to start focusing in the present so that I don't start tearing up!

So the other day I asked my besty Jessie if she would like to go with me out to the wildflowers and take some pictures of Emily. Little did I know that Reid would end up stealing the show. He was a HAM! I smiled for every picture or at least made some sort of facial expression for me. Emily on the other hand wasn't havin' it. She didn't want to look at me and when she did she would give me a "huh?" look!. So instead I just got pictures of her prancing around in her tutu, which turned out just about as cute as I could have ever wanted!

This actually turned out to be quite the trip. It was the first time I had found this place...it is quite the hidden gem. Located right between a shopping center and a freeway you wouldn't have ever been about to tell by the pictures.

I also learned that Chris (Jessie's husband)'s favorite flowers are lupins! What a coincidence that we were smack dab in the center of a whole patch of them

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