Friday, April 23, 2010

APRIL MADMESS (I meant "madness" but this works too)

This last month has been insane. I guess that's what happens when you go from being only a stay at home mom to trying to start your own business and work pretty much a 9-5 job. Oh the joys.

"April Madness" as I like to call it is when everyone in Aarons family has a birthday. Brother: Matt, Sister: Kaylee, Mom: Kim, Dad: Willy (beginning of May), Grandpa: Bill, Cousin: Chris, Cousin: Caleb, and just to add to the mix my Mom's birthday is in March, my dad's birthday is in a few days and their anniversary falls somewhere in between! So, yes, it's pretty crazy and Happy Birthday to you all.

I also had Easter and my first wedding ever in the same weekend, then a week long trip down to the valley, and a bed and breakfast shoot. I've been running on empty for 3 weeks now.

So here's a recap of the last month:

Wedding: Jen and Eric

Dying eggs
Hunting eggs

I LOVE this picture and you must look closely to see why:
The Easter Bunny took so much time to glue little monster faces on the eggs that Emily dyed the night before. In this particular picture the egg looks like it is screaming "NO" as Emily precariously holds it over the edge. Looks like humpty dumpty is going to have a great fall. . .

The Valley:

{will post pictures of the trip soon...I have yet to get some of the pictures}

Kaylee's birthday:

I also love this picture for many reasons:

1) Grandpa Bills face- "what in the world is she wearing?!"
2) I bought her the flip flop socks...yep, those are socks that you wear with your flip flops. What is the pupose you ask? None what so ever! Which leads me to...
3) This is SO Kaylee...goofy, carefree, and just happy.
I love my sister!!

This weekend is the big bakersfield birthday bash for everyone and I'm sure I will have plenty from that, but I will leave off with this:

Today would be my "grandma up the ditch banks" 77th birthday. So Happy Birthday Grandma, I know you're up there singing and dancing with your new knees and Aunt Betty.

I probably won't blog over the weekend but now that life is HOPEFULLY settling down I will be able to keep you all more posted!

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