Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Country Girl

Emily didn't get to go to Missouri with me. It was the first time ever that I had left her over night...and not only for one night but for 4! That means that while Aaron was at work he had to find someone to watch her. Aaron's brother Matt watched her for the first 2 days I was gone but had to work the last day, so Aaron's grandma Grace stepped in and took her for the day. She had a blast. I'm actually still hearing about all the things that she did with her.

Aaron dropped her off before work that morning. Grace lives about 15 minutes out of town, into the mountains, in a big victorian house, on what I'm sure is 100+ acres of land. (Prime mountain lion territory I might add) Grace had gone earlier with Emily and bought 2 pretty dresses wear and was planning on having a girly day her, but she learned real quick that Emily may like the girly things like getting her hair done, painting her nails, playing with baby dolls, and wearing dresses BUT she is also a tough girl. She LOVES to be outside! She loves to play in the dirt and go as high as she can on the swings. She's going to be my little dare devil...and I'm sure the only girl in kindergarten to have already broke her arm trying to jump her motorcycle (that dad swears he's getting her for her 3rd birthday) Grace had to teach her how to tuck her dress in her chonies so that she could climb up the steep rocks and not step all over it. She had alot of fun out there with her GGGrace (great grandma grace) and I know Grace had alot of fun with her.

A few days ago, Emily kept asking me to go see the donkeys.

(This is "Willy's big dumb ass"...pun intented. It's been a joke and the 'butt' of alot of Willy's birthday and Christmas presents since the day I met Aaron. Cabana will hee-haw every time will drives up to the house or even if he's outside walking around...she loves him!)

So I took her over to Grammy and Papa's to go see the donkeys. I took the opportunity to take some pictures of my girl stomping through the weeds and tossing hay to them

Holding her dress up as she stomps through the weeds and grass

After that she went over to Grammy's to pick "baby apples" or cherries. I honestly think that Kim did more of the picking while Emily did all of the eating. Her Uncle Andrew had taught her that there are seeds in them and how to split them and take the seeds out. Therefore, the bowl that was supposed to be the cherry holder became the cherry SEED holder. Here's some pictures from her cherry picking day:

She's beautiful and girly, but doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. She's strong-willed and goofy with a comedic personality, her giggle is contagious and her blue eyes and long eyelashes are captivating. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I'm in love. I am well aware that I am going to have to beat the boys off with a baseball bat!

P.S. I learned something new today: I was able to export all of my posts from my earlier blog that I started and import them to this one. Which means this goes back over a year now. I did a little reminiscing and it's amazing How much she has grown up in just a year!!! It's 3, to 13, to, 16, then married and gone!


Leslie Gilbert said...

Kayla, Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your blog. I love seeing pictures of Emily! She is ADORABLE! I love seeing her as she grows up. You are a great mommy!

Kayla Van Patten said...

Thanks Aunt Leslie! That really means alot to me!