Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Lake {part 2}

First, lets start off with the highlights of my day:

1) Emily got her flu shot. She was a TROOPER. and as I said earlier, she was totally allowed to complain and was treated to some play time at McDonalds with baby Reid.

2) Emily being her sweet self around the BRATS that were also playing on the play structure. These girls were maybe 5 or 6 and "the queens" (yes, that is what they refered to themselves as) They "ruled" the play structure...which is kind of off base in my opinion since we were totally there before them :P I'm kidding. Emily played along side them but not really "with" them. They would slide down the slide and run around to the back side of the structure to hide from Emily. I don't know if they thought she was dumb...? There weren't many places to hide and of course, they forgot to tell Emily that they were playing hide and seek. She would stop, look around, peek around the corner at the girls hiding, and run back up the slide laughing. The girls seemed disappointed. They also attempted to lure my daughter out of the gate after Emily had already gotten scolded for trying to crawl through the gate that they had agile-ly jumped to "hide" again. She looked at them and shook her head and ran back up the play place, I tried to scold the little girl with my eyes and show my displeasure. I don't think she had ever been given a look like that so she didn't know what it meant. One of the little brats...I mean precious princesses said, after Emily wouldn't go out, "well fine. she can't be in our club anyway" Girlfriend, if you couldn't figure it out...Emily doesn't care about your stupid "club". Go bully someone else's kid!!

So what's the highlight here? As the little girls mom sat at the next table over chatting away about some gossip on her phone and completely ignored her child and her friend, I came to the realization that I am a pretty darn good mom. When asked "is your little girl always so sweet and independent?" I realized, I have done something right! As Emily tried to play with Reid and help him up the stairs and block the way to that the other little girls couldn't bowl him over like they already had, I saw compassion and "big sister-ness" and realized that I won't ever have a child like that little girl, because I'm good at what I do.

3) Getting family pictures cancelled because it's POURING rain... this isn't really a highlight but you will understand 3 after I tell you 4. Plus, I really like the rain.

4) Emily pooping her pants for maybe the second time ever when we SHOULD have been leaving out the door to go take family pictures.

Where is the highlight? If I would have had to take her adorable brand new outfit off that matched mine and Aarons perfectly, about 3 minutes before we had to bail out the door to go meet Ashley, I would have consequently ruined my own make-up in a crying pregnancy fit of frustration.


THE LAKE...continued

Emily watching dad wakeboard

Aaron eating it, on his wakeboard. I wish I had taken the picture .5 seconds later, it would have been an awesome shot of him landing on his head. What a loving wife I am :) He's actually a GREAT wake boarder, I just felt it necessary to post this picture.

This was the majority of the reason that we went to the lake, besides for Athen's birthday. Aaron's Grandpa Denny purchased this boat in a clunker state and fixed it up for lake trips. If I would have thought of it I would have brought the bubbly to christen it as it went into the water and everyone held their breath to see if it floated. Well it did. And it ran GREAT. We followed it back over to the shore where we were camped just to make sure  everything was great. If you look close, you can see Denny's big grin as he drives his prized possession. It stayed there from the launch area all the way until he stepped off the boat on the campsite shore.

Just a candid shot of my baby girl in all her beauty. Even in the dirt and grime, when we are clearly camping, she is beautiful!

My husbands present for me. We sat on the shore together and watched Emily play in the water and mud for a while before making the trek up the hill to our camp. He made me this. I couldn't really keep it so I took a picture in order to "keep" it forever. I love my husband!

Me and my Love before we go home.

I feel that it is also necessary to document that Emily got her first bee sting ever on this lake trip. Poor girl! She likes to "mash" "bad bugs" well...she mashed the wrong bad bug with her foot and got stung :(
But a good cry, a warm wash in the sink, some sting relief, and a bandaid and she was back running around like a trooper!

Over all? GREAT lake trip.

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