Friday, October 1, 2010

My job...

I LOVE my job! There are several reasons:

Lets start off with the obvious. I love photography. So getting the opportunity to take pictures of a bride and groom on the most important day of their lives is so rewarding!

2) Breath taking venues, and AMAZING food. I have yet to go to a wedding (and I've been to almost 20 this year) where I did not say "wow" as I scarfed down my food.

3) People in love. Yes, I love babies, I love kids...most of them, I love animals, seniors, and pregnant women, but my ultimate favorite thing to take pictures of are 2 people who love eachother....and what couple isn't drunk on love or floating on clouds on their wedding day?

4) I love Ashley. yeah yeah yeah, I know I've said it enough. I'm really not sucking up here. I genuinely have an awesome time at weddings because of her. She's witty and creative. I forget to take pictures of other people laughing because I'm laughing so hard. More often than not, i can anticipate her moves. She teaches me as we go and always asks my opinion (something I never knew I would appreciate so much). She praises me when I've done will and very politely corrects me when I've done something wrong. I could NOT ask for better. Most of all she's FUN...

 This is a picture that I sniped of Ashley serenading me via her cameras flash. This is a regular occurrence at weddings, but I'm usually either embarrassed or laughing to hard to take a picture. THIS TIME I was prepared. It is so NOT a flattering picture of her, but it captures her personality perfectly so I'm sharing it. In all fairness, I'm also posting the not so flattering picture of me that she took back:

Keep in mind: We were loopy! Well...we are loopy as it is. Add in some pregnancy hormones and working in the sun on a 106 degree day and you have these 2 pictures. This was also 30 minutes before we left so we had put in an 8 hour day and were just DONE. 

Theres a teeny glimpse at what I do on my Saturday nights. I honestly bet that they are more fun than most peoples!

A side note: I am going to the lake this weekend! With all this heat it's going to turn out being a pretty amazing weekend for "lake weather" and probably the very last until next year. See you all Monday!

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A. Blake said...

1. Make sure you ALWAYS take a flattering picture of me from here on out please. :)
2. You are a blessing to me...couldn't ask for more.
3. You put up with me (unfortunate for you).

Excited to take your family pics next week.