Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just a few little updates

If you've been checking in on me at any point today then I'm sure you saw that my blog was in complete shambles. I hate blogs...for the same reason that I suck at a rubics cube. Just when you think you have something perfectly in line, you have to go and royally mess everything up just to get one little piece back into place. And more often than not...I forget how to put it back together. Especially when I don't read "blog" well.

When I went and changed my blog to 3 columns instead of just 2 it effected the size of my banner and the width of my background. Sounds like an easy fix right? WRONG. It took a good chunk of my time today in order to get it all in line but guess what?!??!


I did a little face lift on my header also (since I had to completely remake it!). I hope all my hard work is just a little more pleasing to the eyes.

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