Thursday, September 23, 2010

The name game...ended?!

Well the good news is that we are halfway there! We have officially decided that Baby VP #2 is going to be named Claire!

(picture letters courtesy of Jessica Cheatwood)

The bad news...? We cant settle on a middle name! I guess we do have many more months to decide that one for sure.

Funny story or divine interference?:

So...we go in to have the ultrasound done. We are chatting it up with the tech to pass the time while she does all of her, well, techy stuff. She asked if we wanted anything particular gender and if we had any names. We said yes, for a boy and no for a girl. She laughed and said, "I find in my profession that you often get what you're not prepared for." GREAT. Her second was a boy and they only had a girl name picked out. Aaron, thinking on his toes, said "Alright so what was your girl name so that we can be prepared." She responded "Abigail." I knew that wasn't a first name I would want for a girl but on our way home from the Dr.'s after we found out that God had, in fact, gave us what we weren't prepared for, we started talking about names. We had vaguely discussed them the night before because I just knew it was going to be a girl. On of the names that we had touched on the night before was "Claire".

Quick history on Claire and then I will get back to my story. As most of you know, I HAD twins and one of them did not develop past the stage of splitting, not even a "zygote" (I think that's what they call the 'before fetus' none of which mumbo jumbo I believe. ITS A BABY). Anyway, the second blip on the screen was in the same gestational sac. Meaning: I would have had identical twin girls. My Grandma (dad's mom) actually gave birth to a set of twins that were stillborn, I believe, between my dad and his brother. So I feel in a way it's only fitting that I use her middle name: Claire.

Okay, back to my story:

So we are driving along and Aaron says to me, "What about Claire Abigail?" I said "Eh" and we moved along.

Today, my dad called and was asking if I had any baby names. I told him about Claire, and he was stoked, but that I was still having trouble with a middle name. It's kind of hard to give a common middle name, a middle name. Apparently I wasn't the only one with the problem, because after I got off the phone will my dad, he simply googled "middles names for Claire" where there were many forums dedicated to this exact topic. He called me back excited and started naming some of them off. From Elise, to Denise, to Bernise (I'm joking) and then stumbled across one he liked. He repeated it a few times and then said "I like it alot! It sounds great! Claire Abigail". I had not told him anything about the ultrasound tech, or Aaron's suggestion.

Crazy right?!!

So one more crazy addition to the story: My mom has this crazy little thing that she does where she adds "meyer" to the end of names. Example: my cat Kizzy, has become Kizzymeyer. We had a parrot named Sassy. He became "Sassymeyer". So yesterday she was commenting on something on facebook and said something about "Princess number 1-Kayla, Princess number 2-Emily and Princess number-3-baby girl" She said for whatever reason she had the urge to write "Abbymeyer" This again was yesterday, after I found out but before I talked to my dad about it today. My parents hadn't discussed it either.

So, coincidence or not? I'm still not 100% sold on Abigail, but it's a strong contender until I come across something better!
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Anonymous said...

Maybe Claire Elizabeth. That's what grandmas middle name was. -Bethany

Photo Freak said...

Go with Edith Sanchez

Kayla Van Patten said...

No Aurora, this is much to common of a name!

Photo Freak said...

Doris Galblad!

(I love Claire)