Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bump Update

I'm 18 1/2 weeks pregnant today. That is a week and a half away from my half way point. That freaks me out just a little!! Baby started squirming the day that I turned 16 weeks, so I've been feeling "baby it" move around for 2 1/2 weeks now. I think it's funny how you can tell a babies personality in utero. Emily was fiesty. If I pushed on her head then she would flip around and kick exactly where I pushed, and she kicked HARD. This baby is alot more mellow. I push on this baby and I can feel it turn away, if I push again it will just roll to the other side of my belly. However, its a cuddler. If I just lay my hand on my belly I can feel it move from where ever it was hiding and nuzzle into my hand. Again, Emily was the opposite. If you put your hand on my belly should would kick it repeatedly until you moved it off of her. And it held true when she was born. She didn't want to be swaddled, she would lay on her side no matter how many times I placed her on her back, once she got older you could not just sit her on your lap and relax, she has always been a mover and a goer, and she's STILL fiesty. It will be interesting to see if my theory holds true here.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday. My bump measured exactly to my week. He could hear the baby moving, the blood gushing in it's umbilical cord and the strong healthy heart beat. All great things. Now hopefully within the next few weeks I will finally be able to show you a picture of baby! and we will no long have to call it "it".

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awwa, You look so gret! (boy)