Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Death of Lenny

Okay all you aunts, uncles, babysitters and kids with younger siblings. I'm sure you know who Lenny is. I'm talking about THEE Lenny of Wonder Pets! Emily decided to give him a bath today. In fact she told me that she was giving Lenny a bath because "he's aaaaaaaaall dirty" "Alright Emily. . ." Little did I know that this meant she was running a sink of scalding hot water for him. And if we all know what power the TV has over children (and some adults)...she forgot about poor little Lenny and his running bath water.

I was making my rounds and taking my routine 30 minute bathroom break and walk in to a FLOODED bathroom. Apparently my sink trap/drain/overflow thingy can only handle so much water.

So I made Emily clean up her mess. I can't be cleaning up after this kid ALL the time!

This is her "please don't get me in trouble" face, while she tries to clean up

However this is her "mommy has the camera out so I'm not going to get in too
much trouble" look.

In other news: I got my flu shot today. Emily wanted to go with me and watch. Maybe all the times of her getting one and me watching, she felt it was only fair for her to watch me? I figured this would either bite me in the butt or make it better for me when she has to get hers next week. Since, I couldn't cry in front of Emily I had to suck it up and smile through the whole thing like it didn't phase me. Truth actually stung pretty bad!! The shot itself wasn't bad at all, but the sting afterward and the soreness still, is quite a bit worse than any shot I remember getting in my recent past.

Note to self: If she complains,  she is rightfully allowed to!

Emily giving my "shark" kisses to make it all better

I'm 22 weeks and a day today!!! I'm so bad at the belly shots, but here is one for the baby book. Claire doesn't like her picture taken. She was squirming and kicking the whole time I was taking pictures like she wanted away. DANGIT! I'm never going to get a kid who lets mom practice on them.

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