Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day and a bath

Gosh, I wish I wasn't such a mean mom!

So I decided a week ago to give Claire a bath. Not a REAL bath, but just a good scrubbing of her head, neck and ... other important parts. You're not supposed to do it until after their umbilical cord falls off but I couldn't stand the smell of the spit up getting trapped in her neck crack and I wasn't waiting any longer. 

I also forgot that there is a strategic way to give baths in order to not have a screaming baby. All of which I forgot until after I had already traumatized her with her first bath. 

It really wasn't THAT bad...I just poured water in her mouth, got soap in her eyes, used water that was entirely too cold, got her umbilical cord wet, and forgot the towel so that I had to carry her through the cold house to the bedroom to get it. All of which ended in a really mad, screaming baby. Good job mom...{that is me sarcastically patting myself on the back}

Now for some cuter pictures:

Valentines Day <3

 This really isn't a great picture of either of them, but's awesome. Claire was sporting her "My First Valentines Day" outfit. Good thing Valentines Day came when it did because I don't know if she would have fit in it much longer. In fact, I had to put a onsie on under it so that she didnt' look like a hoochy-mama showing off her belly button. Emily is wearing a red turtle neck and Black sparkly tutu with jean leggings. Both of my girls were all dolled up for daddy when get got home.

Again, not a very flattering picture of any of us but Aaron wanted a picture of "His Girls" on Valentines Day, so he got one. 

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