Thursday, February 24, 2011


(Claire "smiling". I caught it halfway through, but it was there!)

There are a few things that are monopolizing my life.

1) Emily and Claire. However, I have learned how to cope with Emily so lets just say "Claire" here.

Claire doesn't have a set schedule yet. She is still in that newborn unpredictable stage where she sleeps, eats and poops at random times. So I never know when is a "good time" to run to the grocery store. She could poop, clear her insides, and be starving again even if I JUST fed her before I left. Last thing I need is a panic-y husband when I get home because Claire has been screaming for an hour and a half straight. Don't worry...that wouldn't happen. I have a supply of pumped milk in the freezer that I'm saving up for wedding season. Therefore Claire wouldn't not starve to death while I went out on the town...yes, I call grocery shopping "out on the town" now.

Remember how I said I was going to jump back on the bandwagon and be a parent to Emily too? I tried.

I'm traumatized.

Okay not completely. I know that million and MILLIONS of women have had more than one child...I'm still trying to figure it out. When we are home, it is the 3 year old that is hard. Claire is a peach and rarely makes a peep. If she does it's a simple fix; food, burp or dirty diaper. Emily always ALWAYS wants something. "I want a drink" "I want food" "I want you to come play with me" or even better....the "don't wants": "I don't want to clean my room" "I don't want to eat my food all gone" "I don't want to take my toys upstairs" "I don't want to stop it" I am quickly learning to multi-multi-multitask!

What mom of 2 can't cook dinner, nurse her infant, and play cards with her toes with her 3 year old?! I know I have to in order to survive.

On the flip side in public, I am able to reason with Emily. "I want a drink" "Well tossed yours on the ground and I can't reach it right now so you're going to have to wait" End of discussion. If Claire is hungry...I have to find a place to stop and pull over so that I can feed her. Then sit there for 30 minutes and hope she does poop or projectile spit up before I get to where I want to go. Talk about trying to find an appropriate place to nurse your screaming newborn...I always feel like I'm going to damage someone. That is why I made my handy-dandy nursing cover. It works like a dream and I have yet to scar anyone for life. Diaper changes are a pain. and getting Claire in and out of her carseat?! don't get me started on that. (I am fortunate though...when the vehicle is in motion she LOVES her seat, but if we aren't she has time to think about the fact that she's strapped in.

I know the only way to learn is to keep at it. and I plan on it. In fact, I'm going to the park...right after Claire eats, takes a nap and I get a shower and get dressed. Wish me luck.

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