Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"to the beach"...right

I have 2 posts today, but lets start off with this one:

This weekend Aaron's Uncle, his 'baby mama' (as I lovingly refer to her as. She has been putting up with him for 6 years now. I'm sure common-law kicks in pretty soon.) and son Eian all came to visit us. DJ is an expert RC car top painter so the boys spent most of their time painting while the kids played/terrorized eachother. Eian is almost exactly one year younger than Emily so they are always super good together; they either play super good together or they fight super good together.

Sunday after church we all decided to go to the beach. I was a little hesitant since the beach can be amazing one day and miserable the next. Apparently newborns and wind don't mix. Something  I learned a little too late with Emily. I was afraid that it would be windy and the last thing I would need is a gassy baby. There is a reason that these are the only 3 pictures I took:

We did enjoy lunch a crazy little hole in the wall diner. I think we might have been the only people the waitresses had seen all day. In fact, when we walked in one of the waitresses was in deep discussion with the cook about the differences in the spanish and english alphabets. The food was awesome, but I was also starving. 

We headed out to check out the beach. Although it was a BEAUTIFUL day...it was windy. I had Claire in my front pack and covered with a blanket so she was cozy and warm. She woke up soon after getting down to the beach and after being perfect for the whole drive to the beach and sleeping through lunch at the diner I knew she was going to be hungry. I decided to go back up to the truck where I could be warm and Claire wouldn't be in the wind. This is how the next hour went:

20 minutes- feed
5 minutes- burp
10 minutes- feed
5 minutes- burp
20 minutes- go to change diaper. discover a blow out (poop up the back). and spend the next 20 minutes trying to not make a bigger mess while I change her on my lap and not expose Claire to the freezing wind.

By the time I was ready to go back out it was nearly dark and time to go home.

First family outing = semi-fail. Had it not been windy it might have been a GREAT day, but I still had fun with my little family.

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