Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2 MONTHS! Where does the time go?!

Really...where does it go? They say time goes by fast when you get out of high goes even quicker when you have a kid. Well...let me tell you folks (who don't already know) It goes doubly fast when you have 2 kids. I couldn't imagine having even more. That Dugger mom must be 80 by now!

Claire- is growing like a weed. She fills out her 3 month clothes. I would guess it's not going to be much longer until she is going in to 6 month clothes. 

She also has her dreaded 8 weeks appointment. This will be her first 'shots' appointment. FOUR needles. I even cringe thinking of it! On the brighter side, we get to see how much chunk she has put on in the last month. My guess is 13lb 2 oz. and an inch longer.

Emily- is an AMAZING big sister. Now that the newness of having a baby in the house has worn off she isn't constantly trying to smother her...with bear hugs and sloppy kisses. She can give Claire her pacifier like a pro. She is excellent at grabbing diapers AND throwing them away. She loves to 'help' give Claire a bath by scrubbing her toes for me. And best of all she makes her sister smile. Claire already knows her voice. As soon as Emily walks in to the room and starts talking Claire lights up and looks around for her big sister. Some of the biggest smiles have been when Emily is playing with her. 

Emily is getting impatient though. She wants so bad to be able to do her hair and jump on the trampoline with her. She's got alot of time to go before she can do that and she's already growing impatient.

Here are some pictures of my grub and bug:

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