Monday, March 14, 2011

A day on the Farm

Most of you know by now that I live 8 hours from my parents. I'm not sure what I was thinking. Kids + car ride = crazy mother and cranky kids. With Claire being 5 weeks old and eating every 2-3 hours just makes the whole thing impossible!

To top it off we hitched a ride with Aaron's grandpa (have you taken a good look at the gas prices lately!?!?) so we didn't have the freedom to stop whenever we needed to. For the record, it actually turned out to be just fine. We stopped at Aarons Aunts house which is almost a half way point and stayed the night and then did the rest of the trip the next day, which happened to be during Claire's long nap. She started getting upset about an hour away from my parents and Aaron was able to soothe her with a pacifier until we reached our destination.

I wasn't as lucky. We all know what happens when a baby cries...if not here is Kevin to explain it to you:

P.S. I LOVE The Office.

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures when we were down there but I did go out and capture Emily and my dad together while they took care of the "farm" (that's what Emily calls it).

Grandpa found an egg in the bushes!

I told her an egg was a baby chicken so she held it like a baby.

Feeding Polly some carrots

Daisy or Delilah (I can't tell the difference) being impatient.


Actually helping feed the goats

Checking Polly's water

Being my goofball
(note: this is probably what I looked like taking pictures of her)

Picking oranges

"One for me, one for mommy, and one for daddy"

Checking for babies in the fig tree's nest

Picking lemons while battling the thorns

Stuffed all of the fruit up her shirt to carry them inside

Didn't work out so well


Strolling off into the sunset after some hard work on the farm.

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