Saturday, March 26, 2011

No Longer 'Newborn'

Alright! Alright! No one tells you about it, and something about the mothers brain makes you forget...babies need attention! Claire is on the cusp of what I consider to be 'no longer a newborn'. Meaning: She's awake for longer spans of time and needs to be "stimulated". Lucky for me there are alot of lazy parents out there who have made companies like "Fisher-Price" and "Baby Einstein" famous for just this purpose. Unfortunately, the only thing that really entertains Claire is my face. HA! yep, my face is pretty entertaining. Any face close to hers will make her light up and smile big, toothless, dimply smiles. Although I would LOVE to neglect all of my motherly/housewife duties and smile, coo, and make silly noises at my adorable little grub, I simply can't. The toilet must be scrubbed, laundry must be done, and dishes washed (I say this as my awesome husband is in the kitchen drying dishes for me).

So here is my grub doing what I consider her best characteristic SMILING! <3

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