Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baking Brownies

My grandma passed away when I was young (9 or 10...Im sad I don't actually remember how old I was). But one of my fondest memories was always baking with her. It's right up there with making sour kraut (which I'm going to learn to do someday), booting "Shooster" the rooster to Timbuktu when he was trying to flog me (we had some good rotisserie chicken that night...I don't think it was a coincidence) and stealing sugar packets from restaurants for me to eat later. She also taught me how to make crochet chains, a lesson I'm currently building on with some help of my amazingly crafty friend, Meredith (pictures later). Although I didn't get the baking gene from my grandma or she just wasn't around long enough to teach me the basics other than that mixing eggs with my hands is really fun, I decided it was high time to show some love to Emily and have her help me bake some brownies. Grandma would be proud!

Ready to get started

Cracking the eggs (something Grandma Tina 
taught her when making cookies for Santa this Christmas)

She licked her fingers after this. I about had a heart attack! 
We haven't had an signs of salmonella yet...thank GOD!

Dumping in the cheater batter...remember, I am not the greatest baker!

Stealing a taste of the batter

MMMMMMM yummie. (yes, I tried some too :))

and what's better than licking the mixers clean afterwards?!

The brownies turned out great. They were all gone before I even got to take pictures of them. Maybe Emily got the baking gene. I sure hope so!

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