Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Things (part 1)

There are so many new things to tell about in the ever changing life of a newborn!!

I spent most of today clearing out all of Claire's newborn clothes and replacing them with 3 month old clothes. Yes, ladies and gentlemen there is nothing newborn about my little girl anymore. She is merely a "baby".

Claire smiles spontaneously. Every once in a while it is when me or Aaron do something funny or entertaining, but most of the time I think she sees something that she likes such as the lights on the roof or a shape on the tv. I can't wait until the day that I KNOW I made her smile.

Claire also holds her head up for short periods of time and can turn it 180 degrees (right? she can look right and slowly turn and look left all while holding her head up on her own). She can also do the same during tummy time. She's SO strong.

Every mom knows that there is a significant amount of focus on poop while their child is in diapers. Yep...I said it. POOP. Can I just say for the record that I'm sick of poop? You're welcome. The purpose of me telling you this is so that I can tell you that Claire is having a growth spirt. How do I know? I am blessed with only one poopy diaper a day. That's a big step up since I have gone through 94x2+50+half of 50= 263 diapers / 38 days of Claire's life. That comes out to .1 less than 7 diapers a day.

I just realized today that Emily is completely fluent in the English language. I know that may sound funny but it's true. I'm not sure when exactly it happened either. She can talk a million complete sentences in a row and barely stop to breathe.

Emily is getting rediculously big and rediculously sassy. I wonder where she gets that from (her father I swear!) For example: Today, I had told her about 10x to go put her toys away. I know it shouldn't take ten times of me telling her before I get upset, but I finally stood up and in a very motherly fashion bent forward a little, put one hand on my hip and thrusted my pointer finger out and firmly said "Get your butt upstairs NOW!" Emilys little eyebrows furrowed up in confusion and said "I didn't know my room was outside mom". In my fury I had not payed much attention to the direction my finger had flung. Leave it to Emily to point it out and make mom feel stupid. Please pray for me :)

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