Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is that a baby in that tree? (part 3)

Since Claire was going to be one month old the next day and officially not considered a "newborn" any more I had to get her pictures done that day! I had seen my friend Jill a few days earlier. We started talking about missing the old days working together all the time and decided we should practice our newborn skills...on Claire. We started brainstorming ideas and started to go off on our usual wild tangents of possible things to do. Jill suggested hanging her in a tree. We both laughed. I suggested a cherry tree since they are all in bloom right now. We laughed again and went on talking about something else. 

The next day I called Jill and we planned to meet at her sisters house right down the hill from my house. I said I would bring some cherry tree branches off of one of the trees around our house for props. As I was driving down the hill I passed a cherry tree that had a branch that had broke off but was still alive. I slammed on the breaks and called Aaron to have him grab a saw and come help me. We gave the tree a little trimming up and tossed the branch in the back of the truck. I was so excited. I could see it all coming together. 

I got down to Hollys house and Jill immediately burst in to laughter at my "branch". Holly grabbed one end and hauled it in to her house. I don't know many people who would just toss a tree limb on to their bed and then say they didn't mind because it made the house smell good with all the blossoms. Holly's bedroom was this wonderful color, I'm going to call it rusty salmon, but when the light hit it, it turned into more of a salmon/pink that complimented my cherry branch PERFECTLY. 

Jill and I started shooting away while Claire napped. I should mention here that Claire slept through just about every second of the entire 3 hours. She was the perfect model and hardly made a peep the whole time. Here are a few more pictures of the day:

Love her little lips!

I want to give a special thanks to Holly, Jill and of course, little Ella. I couldn't have done it without the women behind the scenes holding it all together...literally!!!

**Disclaimer: Jill an equal amount of pictures while I held props...Some of these pictures are taken by her and some are taken by me. Either way we wouldn't have come up with the ideas without eachother. :)
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Photo Freak said...

Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun, I miss yall!

Hamon family said...

Oh so sweet, if I ever have a little girl I really want you take take the same picture!
Ps just realized this was your blog after looking at Ashley's.