Tuesday, March 1, 2011

4 Week Check-Up

Claire had her one month appointment today. Can you believe that she is already that old?!?! I can't!

Thankfully Claire didn't get any shots today. Next time she won't be so fortunate. She gets FOUR shots next time :(

Here's what the doctor had to say:

*She is 22 inches long...that is one full inch since birth (no wonder I'm having to weed out all of her newborn clothes from the closet already)

*She weighs exactly 10 pounds!!

That means that since her last doctors appointment that she has packed on a whopping 2 ounces a day (average is anywhere between .5-1.5 oz. Looks like my girl is already above average)

*She was responding to the doctors coo's and tickles

*She is my birthmark baby. She has "angel kisses" on her forehead that will fade with age, "port wine stains" up the back of her neck and her head that will become visable when she is mad, and today the doctor said she looked like she was developing a mole on her belly. Something to "watch" because if it's not a mole it need to be checked out and if it is, it needs to be watched to make sure it doesn't become a nuisance.

All in all...I have a healthy and very happy, content chunk.
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