Friday, April 15, 2011

because apparently all stripes match

THIS is my Emily... in the rawest form. Alot of times I post pictures on here where I've had it planned that I was going to take pictures OR she looked exceptionally cute so I pulled out the camera. However those days are few and far between now that I have 2 to bathe, feed and dress (not including myself). 

Emilys favorite place to be right now is on the trampoline...or "in the garden" (which includes free roam of the whole yard) She has "tea parties"(speaking of which...those pictures will be here soon) with her stuffed animals or spends hours being chased by her ball. Oh the joys of a trampoline and gravity! 

On this particular day Claire was napping and Emily wanted to go jump. I told her to get dressed and this is what she gave me. A shirt that is on sideways... and pants that are on inside out. When I tried to persuade her that these two things, although cute, didn't match she told me "They match mommy...they both have stripes!!" How do you argue with a 3 year old?! You can't. It's impossible and if anyone happens to figure it out in this  lifetime can you please tell me?

So here's some pictures of Emily, goofy as ever, self dressed, in all her glory:

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