Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cheatwood picture day

    So it's been planned for a week to go take pictures of Jess Cheatwood and her little ones. I've been waiting for Thursday to roll around and after looking at TONS of pictures of Montana De Oro on the internet I was SUPER excited to go and take pictures there. I have been to the beaches of MDO many a times but I've never been in the beautiful trees surrounding them so I was even more excited to take pictures somewhere kind of new. 
    In anticipation for today I kept checking the weather forecast to see what kind of weather I would have to deal with and to my advantage the news said it would be perfect! Most people think that sunny days are the perfect time to take pictures. I do a point. For me it is better to take pictures when it is overcast. The fog layer gives me the opportunity to not have to fuss with the right lighting but it's still bright enough outside to not have to worry about a flash (which I hate!). I don't have to worry about squinty faces or ugly shadows. The worst place to have to fuss with the shadows is under trees where it tends to get splotchy. So needless to say when the weather man came on last night and said that the marine layer was back and that all coastal cities would be covered in fog all day today I was very pleased.

Right in the middle of a bunch of trees...and splotchy!

     We planned to meet in MDO at 9:00AM so that if the marine layer did decide to burn off, it wouldn't do so until after that I got some pictures. I learned real fast that God has a funny sense of humor. I pray on a daily basis that He will lead me in the right direction with my career and that I will continue to advance. So far he has done just that! He has provided me with amazing opportunities that the average joe does not just stumble across like I have been blessed to do. So, as I drove over the hill that led into Los Osos, I should have known that I would come face to face with...I bet you guessed it...bright sun and a beautiful SUNNY day at the beach. I guess I should add that I fall asleep the night before a photoshoot painting mental pictures of what I'm going to do and how my pictures are going to look. So when I drove over that hill and saw nothing but the ocean for days, I was all of a sudden faced with a blank slate. Every picture I had painted in my head the night before vanished and I had no idea what I was going to do. 

Quite literally the clearest day I had ever seen at Morro Bay

     I went on with my day, a little frazzled and not sure what to do but I think in the end they turned out just fine:

     So back to my point about God's sense of humor...How can I ask God to help me get better and expect Him to just hand everything to me? It reminds me of an old old song I used to listen to by Everybodyduck. It talked about a man who was in a boat in the middle of the ocean and a storm was coming in and instead of rowing to shore he dropped his oars and started praying. The song goes on to say "Oh you've got to draw the line between having faith and being blind, use your mind if you've got time don't drop the oars! God will save you like he said, but you've still got to use your head..." Anyway, why would I expect God to give me the easiest setting possible when I asking daily for Him to help me grow? That's right He wouldn't, nor should He. He gave me a sunny day,that I should have been thankful for, because it was BEAUTIFUL, I complained about it not being the way I wanted it to be. So, you say, "well Kayla, you should have known that would happen, now where's the humor?" Here it is:
The "view" of Morro Rock about 30 minutes after I was done taking pictures...
It's so overcast that you can't even SEE the rock!!!

    I will leave you with one last picture. A picture that Jess took of me today that I couldn't help but put up! Good job Jess!

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Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

Sounds like God is really speacking to you! And you did amazing!!