Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trouble! dad called me and told me that I'm pretty much in trouble for not blogging for a while. So, I guess I will do my best to catch everyone up on the last week and a half. I've slacked off and on with the whole, potty training business. First off, I've never done this before; I have no idea how to potty train a human. A puppy, on the other hand, I can handle. Tell them it's bad to pittle on the floor, rub their nose in it, and shove them through the doggy door until they get the idea. It works every time, but Emily is not a puppy and there is such a greater complexity to how her mind works that it's rediculous!! For example (rumor has it that this picture has been sent out to everyone already but I have to put it up!):

 How do I handle this?! She knows that PLAYING in the toilet is wrong, but in this case she actually went to the bathroom in the toilet and THEN crawled in. Do I punish her for playing or do I reward her for going? How can you not smile at this though? 2-year olds . . .

    At the beginning of this week my mom came up to visit for a couple of days. It was great for Emily to get to spend time with her "mom-ma". My mom had a explained to Emily that she was her mom's mom, therefore she started calling her mom-ma. Too cute how her little wheels turn. I'm waiting for her to start calling Aaron's mom "dad-ma" While my mom was here I had my photog buddy Jill come over and snap a couple of pictures of Emily, my mom, and I:

These were my two favorites

     Emily is talking up a storm! Of course it's all her own language. And for whatever reason she is partial to the letter "G", so why doesn't she say grandma? Again, Emily's mind is one of the many mysteries of the world. I feel REAL sorry for her future boyfriends! So, "guy" = swing. She is obsessed with the swing. It is her daily ritual to go after her nap. And when I say ritual, I mean it. She must be strapped in just right. Her butt must be sitting in it just right or she fusses and wiggles and says "I want dat" and hits the seat. She must be holding on to her stuffed pony or she won't swing. Occasionally, she will request that it be sitting in the swing next to her. She will point to the bungie cord if you forget to strap it in and then pat her butt and point to the horse telling you that you must also push the horse and her. If she wants to go higher (which she always does, my little dare devil!) she will say "I want dat" and pat her own butt, telling you to push her more. She always finds a way to communicate exactly what she wants to you, but she is just a little like her mom. She tends to get very frustrated, very easily. Especially when you don't understand what she's trying to tell you.
     Another of her favorite words is "goggy", which you would think means doggy. Nope, "goggy" = candy. My little Emily takes after her Aunt Kaylee and Uncle Andrew. She has a HUGE sweet tooth. Therefore it is working to my advantage to give her a piece of "goggy" everytime she goes to the bathroom in the toilet. She even walked over to the bathroom door just the other day and told me "A gotta o PEE" that's Emily talk for "I have to go pee". I couldn't believe it. I almost fell over. She looked at me like I was an idiot (yep she's got that look down already) and pulled on the door handle again and tried to pull down her pull-ups. I took her in and she went pee!! Then held out her little hands and said "goggy". She so has it figured out. Oh, and to add to the potty paragraph, "goo-goo" = #2.
     The last thing to add to the g-list is "a go" sometimes also said "gow" is probably her best buddy right now. The cat, who has always been named "the cat"...and a couple other random names, we have finally named Abby. I don't know how we have been soooo blessed with such a good cat. Emily will pick her up and carry her around the house, or try to wrap her in a blanket and call her a baby (not that she doesn't have enough of them!), but my favorite is when they play wheel-barrel. This is one of those things that you can't help but laugh hysterically at but she should probably get in trouble for...if the cat didn't seem to actually enjoy it and not run away I probably wouldn't be so lenient. Wheel-barrel, as I like to call it, is just like the game they play in relay races where one person holds up another persons feet as they "run" on the ground with their hands. Instead Emily holds the cat's tail and runs around as the cat paddles with its front paws. Now, no one call animal control on me because I SWEAR the cat enjoys it! But for now, her is a picture of them after a long hard game of wheel-barrel:

    Well, that's it for now! I have a messy house, dishes in the sink, a ton of laundry, and bills to pay while Emily is off playing with her Great-Aunt Kate.

OH! and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rhiannon!

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