Saturday, August 15, 2009

The TWO'S!! dun dun DUN!

     Well. It's official! Emily Grace is two years old! My dad called me yesterday and asked me if it felt like two short years ago that I was "walking through the valley of the shadow of death" A.K.A. labor. And my answer was "no" It really doesn't seem like two long years ago that I layed eyes on my little Emily for the first time. She was so beautiful and innocent, she just looked up at me like she loved me as much as her little heart could handle (could have been because I was her food source, but I would like to not think that). Now she's running around, pushing every one of my buttons she can and trying to find a way around what mommy says. Oh the joys of a child! They say "terrible-two's" but I think it's difficult from the moment they get mobile and I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any easier until they are out of the house. Even then...I wonder if it's not easier until your children have babies of their own and truly appreciate what you had to deal with for the last 18 years (love you mom and dad). that I've I went on a little bit of a bird walk, here is a picture of Emily yesterday:

She blew both of them out all on her own and was SO 
proud of herself. It was pretty cute.

     I have many more pictures to post just to catch up with the last week...and a few funny stories, but for now I have to go pack for day in Bakersfield. Keep watching for more :)

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