Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A mother's love

    When I was younger (even up until right before I got pregnant with Emily) I wasn't fond of babies. I thought they looked like a wrinkly, alien version of a bratty little kid. I remember crying one night when I was pregnant wondering if I would love and adore my little Emily like a good parent should. I knew I would love her and it would all be different as soon as I saw her but I was still afraid...What if I did have post-pardom depression or the baby blues...? but just like everyone assured me, as soon as she was in my arms I loved her. A greater love than I could ever fathom surrounded me and filled me and I know in that moment that I would never be the same. 
     As we approach Emily's second birthday I look at her now in all of her terrible-two-ish-ness and even though she drives me crazy on a regular basis I wonder: how is the human heart capable of such love? I guess it will always be a great mystery to me...but I know now:                  
NOTHING is greater than a mother's love!

     Emily right after she came home from the hospital. I thought this was the CUTEST picture I had ever seen. I should have seen it as a good idea of what she was going to be like in the future. 3 days old and already sticking her tongue out at me.

Right before her first birthday when her toothless grin was the CUTEST thing in the world...it still is, of course, but her little gopher teeth win my heart now.

Now...I know I'm a little bias (yeah? meaning I favor her.) but she seems to just get more and more beautiful with every picture I take of her.  I love this child more than life itself.

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Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

No, she really is so pretty! Amazing! And your right, a mothers love is something else isnt it!