Friday, February 19, 2010


I went, not to long ago and got my hair dyed. I asked the lady to dye it as close to possible as my natural color since I hadn't had it done in 6 months! The kind lady doing my hair replied "I'm sorry ma'am but it's incredibly difficult to dye hair to gray" WHAT THE...?!?!

Just kidding, that really didn't happen. But not only do I feel like I'm tearing my hair out I also know that deep down in there somewhere, my poor little hairs are quickly making their way to gray. Why? Here is the reason:
I know I've posted this picture before but it's the best picture that I've taking where you can see the sweet, innocent, adorable face, with quite a bit of 'tude.

Now, everyone, I'm a good mom. I promise. I have safety latches on things, I lock the doors, I have everything put up that could harm her, and I have developed the most amazing hawk ears that any mom would be envious of. I have even developed not one but 10 new eyes on the back of my head. I see all, and I know all. But somehow, Emily seems to sneak past all of my spidey senses and get herself into some sort of near death experience on a daily basis! Don't worry everyone, I only exaggerate... a little.

I have always thought that I was made to have many many children. I grew up and only child and always said I wanted a zillion. Well folks...I'm saying it now; YOU WERE RIGHT, to all those people who said "...oh, you just wait until you have one..." you were right. I am in fact beginning to contemplate if I even want another! Again...I exaggerate. However not by much. If all children are created equal...another might just kill me!

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freeflyingsouls said...

Yeah we thought we were done with two, but there is always that feeling like we should have had more. :) Every kid is different and with that come new challenges but worth it! God has a sense of humor and honestly my kids show me what I am like and sometimes it's not pretty... :)