Monday, February 8, 2010

Viewer Discretion Advised

I debated for a while whether or not I wanted to put these pictures up. Although they may be heart breaking to some, for me, they are a constant reminder of how things could have been. Every time I see them I go and kiss my Munchy. So far, this was the scariest moment of my life:

Sleeping. This was after they put the IV in and she passed back out.
Note: the charcoal on her face and shirt.
Peacefully sleeping. Although I'm not sure how with all of those monitors on her!
You can kind of see the bottom one with the red clip on it.
She had about 15 of those all over her chest.

Aaron strapping her into the car seat strapped to the stretcher.
I wish this one was clear because it would have made your heart melt.
She was smiling and flirting with the EMT's.

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Grandma/Grandpa said...

OH! My precious baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!