Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's Christ-a-mas!!!!

As a joint gift from my parents and Aaron and I, we all chipped in and bought Emily a power wheels jeep. This is my livingroom. Darn jeep nearly took up the entire living room!

 I love the look on Emily's face here. It's a mix between...why is there something huge in my livingroom and where did all the cookies and milk go and WHY am I awake right now?
 Opening stockings before we go test out the power wheels
My mom got Emily some Zhuzhu pets. I had never heard of them but I guess they were a pretty big deal last year. Apparently our cat (who has never caught a mouse in it's life) thought they were pretty awesome too.

 Yes, I got a flash from my parents for Christmas so I took that opportunity to take all of the inside christmas-y pictures I've been meaning to take for the last few weeks.

 Showing off the ornaments that her and Grandma painted
Cousin Josh and the lady bug beany he got her for Christmas.

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