Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Protecting My Heart

My mini epiphany:

I recently dove head first into the business world of photography. Why? I think because I found something that I was good at and something that I loved so much that it wasn't work so why the heck not? It was kind of like a domino's train. After the first domino fell over it started a chain reaction that I rode all the way up until now.

I recently had someone remove a single domino from my train....which made me come to a screeching halt. I had made the mistake of putting one foot into the business world and leaving the other one out. This proved to be my demise. I learned that you can not be both a no-nosense, take no crap, business woman who sticks to her legal guns and rules and a kind hearted person trying to help someone out at the same time. Why? The business side is ruthless, it will sneak over and contaminate your kindness if you don't guard it completely. Words get said that that cut your kind heart and scar you. They make you bitter.

Quite honestly, I'm the type of person that being bitter makes me mad. So what am I going to do? The weak thing: Cower away from photography and go into hiding, never to take a professional picture again? If you know me...then this would NOT have crossed your mind.

I am...going to take a step back. Finish my photography school, take some business classes, keep working under the best mentor/boss I could have, and work on getting to a point in my life where starting a business is possible.

I will come back with a vengance and succeed...because that's who I am.

For now, I am going to enjoy my life and practice my passion....you are always welcome to be my subject. :)


leighanne said...

Hello Lovely!!

Chris and I would like to employ you again! We have a great spot in SLO we would like to take you to.

Any who you are wonderful and if you EVER want help with the Business aspect of your job let me know Business is my life!

much love,

The Rogalla's

Photo Freak said...

Good for you girl! ALSO, excpet a FBing convo soon, I must know what someone did the my favorite photographer!