Monday, May 3, 2010

Take you for a ride on my big green...lawn mower

As a follow up to my "doing what needs to be done" post a few days ago, I decided to dedicate most of today to cleaning up outside. My father-in-law has an old John Deere ride-on lawnmower that actually has quite a bit of history on it.... at some point in Aaron's childhood he actually broke his leg attempting to jump a motorcyle jump with it.He's a genius, what can I say? So it's been broken for. . .quite a while but Willy happened to stumble across a newer one that was broken down. After a week of tinkering with it he was able to rig the parts from the old one to the new one and pay $0.00 for a (pretty much) brand new lawn mower. Awesome because we don't have any "lawn" but a jungle of {very beautiful and blooming} weeds. Unfortunatly the pollen count this year is a good 30 times what it's ever been and it's killing me. So I took the liberty today to take care of out little pollen problem.

I spent a good 8 hours mowing and cleaning up everything outside and around the house. Here's some pictures:

Uncle Matt and Emily helping mom.

My blister. The result of a long day of hard work...
along with a side of a cute farmer's tan

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