Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where's the notary person!?

It's official! Emily is 3 years old and 3 days and I'm about 3 weeks past losing my mind. She still tests every word out of my mouth and does the stupidest things. She does the type of things you would expect from a 1 year old:

*Trying to shove an entire hamburger in her mouth and almost dying as I pull it out piece by piece...check.

*Getting in trouble after crawling up on the counter to get an over sized piece of gum I had said no to about 6 times. Then after getting it and me seeing that she did, popping it down her throat and nearly choking...check.

*Covering my entire bathroom floor in sunscreen because she has decided that the tile is now "cake" and is imagining that the sunscreen is icing...check.

*Peeing on the deck because "daddy does it"...check.

And this is all within the last 24 hours!!! With all that said, I have been saving time in order to listen to Focus On the Family and "How to Effectively Raise Your Child"....or something along those lines. Might I add ALOT of prayer!!!

Here's some pictures of my bugs birthday:

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Photo Freak said...

ha! hahahahaha...aaaaaaaaaa. Funny!