Thursday, March 26, 2009

And so it begins...

So I figured this was a appropriate day to begin this blog. I have several friends who do it for business and some who just do it for fun. Now, given I don't have my own business (hopefully in the near future) or 3 rambunctious boys that keep me busy 24/7. I do have one amazing husband and one perfect daughter (who, I believe, keeps me about as sane as 3 rambunctious boys would) that I believe the world needs to know about.

So I woke up and did some laundry today a this is how Emily decided to help...

yep...that's my CLEAN underwear around her head. and boy was she proud!

Later that day, I found a present for her and thought it would make a nice photoshoot.



HA! just kidding about the eating part. It flew off and now I have a ladybug on the loose in my house. But she did learn a new word "a boogy" like buggy :) She's so smart!

I went to go meet a friend for a little while and this is what I came home to (this is Aaron's famous "she was only in there for a second")

YEP! not only one pair of underwear but just about every CLEAN pair I own. That's her guilty look too. Aaron snapped this picture right before I walked in and take a wild guess at who got to clean up the mess...


Photo Freak said...

wooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo play around with the settings and do a cool picture header like mine and go here for a pretty bacground!

btw i am excitted u have a blog and that lady bug pic is amazing and i did think she ate it.

my blog is what the 3 picture thing is for!
love u, hope all is well

Grandma/Grandpa said...

Kayla, OK I've stared at the pictures for about an hour and dang it, Jessie beat me to making the first comment on your new blog.

I'm proud of your talent and natural gift for capturing the right pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Love you, Dad

Leslie Gilbert said...

Love your new blog Kayla! I am really going to enjoy it because it will let me see more of your family and Emily grow up. Love all the pics! Love Ya!!
Aunt Leslie