Monday, March 30, 2009

for my daddy

Today was a pretty mellow day, but my dad says that I need to post every little thing that happens during the day. At one point he even wanted me set up a camera in the living room and let it the camera roll all day just so he could see what she does 24/7. So I went ahead and took a couple of pictures today anyway just to show my dad. :)

I brought Reggie in the house to play for a while and he was AMAZING with her. I've got two babies here with about the same mental age. Both in there toddler stage, both not knowing the damage that they could do to eachother. I felt like a hawk watching them. When I finally put Reggie back outside they had both had tallied one spanking each. Here's some pictures:


I have raised amazing children, they all look at the camera and smile!

REGGIE SMILE with his black spots on his tongue, that's a sign of intelligence right?

He loves his Emily

I didn't know at the time but Emily was actually choking him to death, hence the look on his face like "help *cough cough* me"

After playing with Reggie she got to have her favorite time of the day, bathtime!

She got in a fight with the towel

And of course after playing hard, a nap. I love her lips! she looks just like her dad when she sleeps. They often sleep in the same position; sprawled out, fighting for the most space on the bed. Oh! and if you look close dad, she has a new freckle on her forehead. :) Hope this pacifies you for now daddy. Love you!


Jessica Ann said...

omg the fight with the towel picture is PRICELESS ha i loove it!

Leslie Gilbert said...

Very cute pictures!! You are really capturing your daily life well. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Leslie