Sunday, March 29, 2009

My new lens

Last night Aaron made me an amazing dinner. As most of you know I brag about the fact that my husband is just short of a gourmet chef. I'm so spoiled. And anyone who knows me will know I AM NOT a cook, we are perfect for eachother! I on the other hand am a failure to my family because both of my grandmas were AMAZING cooks...somewhere along the line that gene got skipped. My only hope is that I'm still a carrier and Emily will be blessed with the skills that I should have AND the skills that Aaron does have. He even bought us a bottle of late harvest wine to go with dinner! I got this new lens to play around with for fun and I decided to take a picture of the bottle our wine came in and I think they turned out pretty neat.

notice the depth of field!

After dinner I took my camera outside just to play around and I was AMAZED at what I could do just playing around! This is our front yard, it even picked up the color of the grass from just the faint light from one of the distant houses. This was done in the dead of night (I couldn't see Aaron standing next to me) at f/1.8, wide open for 30 seconds.

This next one was just shot straight up at the sky with the same settings as the one above...if I zoomed in on some of the bigger stars you could see galaxies in some of them. It's just amazing how much out eyes can't pick up but that the camera could.

I'm looking forward to getting to play more tomorrow!!!

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Photo Freak said...

we have some liquid love we havent tried yet, is it good?