Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A ball of sushine

That's what the sticker on Claire's shirt says from her doctors appointment today. Claire is 35 inches and 30.5 pounds (the same weight as her sister at 4 1/2 -- no joke) She's my chunk-butt!

She got one shot. This was the first appointment where she knew it was coming, but she didn't put up much of a fight. Why? You ask. What AMAZING parenting leads me to have well behaved children in the doctors office? What's that? You want to know my secret?

Lean close and listen...

BRIBERY! I'm not above it. I'm not even above giving my children ice cream as breakfast because they were perfect angels in the doctors office. So all of you behavioralist nazis can just shush because while you're sweating bullets because I have to step over your melting down 2 year old in the hallway, I'm basking in the glory of bribed children.

The rest of my day however is sure to be a nightmare since I got zero sleep last night from this cold and Claire's going to be moody and site. Maybe I will take Emily to school and then take a nap.

HA! Fat chance.

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