Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Parenting while sick...


It's a vicious cycle-- take enough medicine to where I don't feel sick, but then I'm loopy. I have to keep my children alive right?! I can't just call in sick to parenting. The last week I have slept- if you can even call it that- sitting up on the couch and I am EXHAUSTED. No dramatics here. I am literally so fatigued that I can't function properly half of the time. I found my tooth brush in the fridge yesterday and put my blinker on to turn in to my driveway (which is on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere). I'm losing it folks.

So since I have been sick, Claire's second birthday has come and gone and I have had zero energy to do anything about it. So, in comes Aaron to the rescue. My amazing husband called family and planned a little get together after church on Sunday. It turned out perfect! It was relaxed and low stress and best of all Claire had a blast.

P.s. I went to the doctor yesterday because I was up the night before coughing so hard that I kept having asthma attacks (I dont have asthma) it scared me pretty bad so I sucked it up and went in. I was given an inhaler and cough medicine with codeine. I'm sure I would have had the best night sleep in a while had Claire not decided to not sleep last night.... The joys of motherhood.

P.p.s. Claire got a training toilet for her birthday... So it begins....

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