Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Speaking of bribery...

I also learned at Claire's doctors appointment that she is behind in her speech. We already suspected this since her sister could say "what's that?" at 9 months but we were always told not to compare our kids. Now don't misunderstand me... Claire is a mini-genius! (maybe even smarter than her sister, but we aren't comparing remember) She took her first steps at a few days shy of 8 months old and was running by 11 months. She can climb ANY obstacle you put in front of her and , honestly could probably ride a bike without training wheels. Her motor skills are off the charts! Also, her receptive skills are amazing also. You can give her multiple step directions (such as "put your plate in the trash, your spoon in the sink and give your fork to Emily" and she does it no problem) However, she just isn't there when it comes to expressing herself. She has a very limited word bank for her age. On the same note though, she gets her point across for what she wants with pointing and "uh huh" or "nuh uh" (yes and no).

So what is a mom to do?! BRIBERY. This actually came to me by professional advice so I may be on to something here. Every time Claire says a word to express something that she wants, she gets an m&m. So far, it's worked beautifully. She learned how to say "candy" in about 10 seconds. :)

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