Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This is my ferocious beast--Roger. I love this cat to pieces. We inherited him when we moved (Along with a few other cats that the previous owner didn't want). They randomly came to visit Roger not too long ago and said that he looked healthy and happy. (Thanks...?) They also let me know that he was fixed and his previous name was "Rex". (Thanks again but there are several kittens around here that bear a remarkable resemblance to him and he comes to Roger) annoyed face). {insert annoyed face} He also does a pretty good job or keeping all of the mice away. Our new house is a run down mobile home from the 1970's that was placed in the middle of a field in the country. Mice are enviable, but guys what?! We haven't seen evidence of a single one in the year we've been here. He also keeps the squirrel population down...note his handsome fat face.

Speaking of ferocious... The flu is taking its toll on this family! I'm sick of being sick! Last night Aaron and I woke up Claire with our coughing at about 4:30 and for whatever reason she stayed awake. So now, guess who naps while mom runs errands on zero sleep.

Sometimes I wish I could throw a fit like a two year old and nap whenever I want.

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