Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Oh girls....

What was my fear before having Emily? Girly things: glitter, pink, dress up, etc. It scared me to death. Fast forward 6 years later and I'm virtually immune to the color pink. (true story: boy things scare me. Trucks? Tractors? Blue? Wieners... I wouldn't know how to change a boy diaper if my life depended on it)

Emily got invited to a birthday party for my bosses daughter Addie. Addie just turned 5 and she was having a "Barbie rockstar" party. I felt a little bit of that old panic sink in. Pink. Girls. Glitter. Panic. I went and bought Emily the most sparkly, pink dress I could find and took a deep breath. Emily ended up having a BLAST. She blended in with all the other swirls of pink that I assumed were hyper 5 year olds. Here is a picture of her with the birthday girl. They honestly could be sisters.

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