Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My day...

    Lately, my days have left me thinking, "wow! what a day!" but when I look back on it, there wasn't a whole lot to it. I've officially decided that I was NUTS to think that I could have my children 2 years apart. That means, if I would have gone with my original plan, I would be about 7 months pregnant right now. Although I do feel about as drained as I would assume any 7 month pregnant woman, with an almost 2 year old would be. Poor Aaron comes home and looks at me like "what happened?" By then all I can do is just point to Emily. I just couldn't imagine...my daughter is decently well behaved and pretty even tempered (she has yet to throw one of those horrible, laying on the floor, tantrums that you see the little kids in the store doing over a toy). I really am blessed. The saying goes, "God will only give you what you are able to handle" - and I'm about to the end of my handling point. Another child or a husband who didn't cook, not only would I be insane but we would be malnourished  (is that a word? you get the point) I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm blessed to have the amazing family that I have, because if I didn't have them, I would definately loose my mind!
     So I guess I will tell this story and put a disclaimer up. ***IF you have a weak stomach, or have never had kids, skip down farther, this may gross you out***
     So this morning I woke up, and wished I would have gone back to sleep. Our normal morning ritual (that we are working on fixing) is that Aaron gets up early to get ready for work. As soon as Emily feels the bed move she is wide awake for Aaron. He takes her and puts her on the couch, turns on some cartoons, and gives her a poptart or cherrios or whatever she wants for breakfast that morning. When he's done getting ready he sits with her and watches cartoons until it is time for him to go to work. Before he leaves, he comes in, gives me a kiss goodbye and then I get up so I can watch Emily...well because I'm reading a book and I stayed up until 1:00AM reading it, I don't remember Aaron coming in and kissing me goodbye. I guess I fell back asleep. I woke up, jerked out of bed, and ran to go check on her...this is the point where I wanted to turn around and re-barry my head under the pillow. Emily was sitting on the couch like a good girl, still watching her cartoons...the only problem was that she was diaperless. As most of you know I am in the process of potty training my daughter. It's actually going great (unless aaron is home for whatever reason). At night we put her in diapers,with her big girl underwear over them, since she pees more than a full grown horse at night. USUALLY in the mornings Aaron changes her over to pull ups and after successfully doing well with that (acutally it's usually after she does her stinky business) I put her in regular underwear for the rest of the day. For a second I was confused. I tried to figure out why she was diaperless, and then I tried to figure out what was all over my couch. What in the world had Aaron given her to eat that she could make such a big mess out of. Or what in the world had she gotten into while I was asleep?! Well it didn't take long for the fan to waft that horrible horrible sent my way. Yep, you guessed it...it was crap, not sweet baby poop as most of you would believe but CRAP. I checked her hands, NOTHING, thank God. and her mouth, nothing there either. When I picked her up it was all over her back, which is how it got smooshed all over the couch. I yanked her up and ran to the bathroom, tossed her in the bathtub and turned on the shower. She was pretty mad at me for that but I got everything off of her and then started to run a regular bath for her. As I went to put the toilet lid down so that I could sit and watch her play in the bath, I saw something that melted my heart. How?! do you ask, can something in this whole situation met my heart? Well, there in the toilet was her dirty diaper! I believe that my child knew what she had done and was trying to make it right by putting the poop in the toilet where it belonged, mind you, she made a bigger mess for me than if she just kept the diaper on in the first place, she knew what she had done and tried to make it right. 
     Now if you ever come to my house to visit and I look haggard and fed up and you ask what is wrong, when I point to Emily, you will have a little idea of what 10 minutes is like in the day of Emily.
     Here's a couple of pictures that I took 2 weekends ago in pine mountain. This is Emily and her.....3rd cousin-once removed? I think. It's Aaron's mom's 1st cousin's son. He's almost 4 and they were the cutest thing EVER. They both shared and jumped on the bed and giggled together. They were pretty cute:

Sharing the bubbles

Giving him a pat on the back (or trying to push him off :P)

Putting things through the crack...this included: one of his toys, 2 screws, a key and countless leaves from Granny's flowers

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