Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Talk about mi la vida loca...

     This weekend was an Emily-Daddy weekend. Aaron went golfing on Saturday morning only to come home to me giving him a kiss and rushing out the door for a wedding. The wedding was AMAZING and quite a bit less stressful then the norm. My bestie and cousin in law in law (yes double...she's Aaron's cousins wife) was the maid of honor in the wedding and most of the girls were girls from the church, along with the bride and groom. I got to shoot the wedding with Jill. I learned several very important things...even though Jill and I can be polar opposites at some things...when it comes to photography we have a telepathic ability to understand eachother. So much so that we actually looked at eachother and said "whoa". I also realized that wedding photography is a gift. You either have it or you don't. I thought it was something that people had to work at and that I just worked really hard and that made it easier for me. I was wrong. I do work my butt off and I usually come home after a wedding with sore feet, emotionally drained with all of the creativity sucked dry from me, and a throbbing headache....all with a smile on my face because it was the best time I've had of my life. I know...crazy right? I love it because it's ever changing, ever challenging, and never ever the exact same. I've gone from job to job to job because I get tired of the monotomy of it, my brain is never worked hard enough, I used to lay in bed doing math problems just to stimulate my brain a little...okay not really but that's what it seemed like I needed to do. Not anymore!! And that I am severely limited by my camera. Don't get me wrong (dad), I LOVE my camera and it's perfect for taking pictures in daylight and for carrying around when I want to be creative. But after watching Jill first hand use her camera, and me use mine right next to her...I mean RIGHT next to here. I saw that there was ALOT more that she could do that I couldn't. And since I now OFFICALLY plan on going pro (I'm working on my business licence as I type) I'm going to need to get saving for that camera. Until then I can still take great pictures with mine every day for you to see (dad). Here's a few I did get of Emily watching for Aaron on Friday:

Shmooshed face


      I didn't get home from the wedding until about 10:30. The next day we woke up late, had 20 minutes to get ready and get to church, went to lunch after church and then I left again to go to a bridal shower. After that I stayed and chit chatted with Jessie and my other cousin in law in law for a while. We were outside talking and Jessie's hair blew in the wind with her dress so I grabbed her and said..."...you don't have a choice". She didn't argue (because she knew she really didn't have a choice) and we went out and snapped some pictures. 

Yeah...she just had a baby 3 months ago too!
My favorite :)

     Yesterday, Jessie called me and asked if I wanted to go to SLO to go shopping...OF COURSE I DID. What kind of question is that? So we drove down and met Mere who lives right next to Old Navy and had a little shopping spree. I mean they did, not me. I didn't spend a dime!! I was so proud of myself (and so was Aaron). I got home after he did last night and was exhausted. I stayed up until 1:00AM reading my book and then finally dosed off. Only to wake up this morning to take Emily to the park. She was SO CUTE I love her...even though I can tell she's inching closer and closer to those terrible twos!! So that was my last 4 days in a nut shell...the next two days will be calm and then it will start all over again. My brother in law, Matt, graduates this Friday, along with his best friend and 1st cousin (Aaron's best friend Chris's little brother, funny I know, all 3 of Aaron's siblings are matched by gender and age by less than a month each from Willy's sister Bonni!) Then Saturday is another wedding with my Jill and then church Sunday. This will be my ritual for the next few weeks with wedding season being in full swing. Hoepfully I will find time for a life!...and my blog :) Here's some pictures of Emily at the park today:

piggies painted by Great Aunt Kate

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