Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Poop again?...really?

     So today in my efforts to clean up what little of a front yard I have, I successfully pulled something in my back. The real sad part of this story is that it only feels better if I'm moving around. If I stop even for a second it's like my muscles turn to ice and I'm in pain again. Thankfully my mother-in-law works in a medical office so she was able to get me some samples that will hopefully make a big difference over the next couple of days. So besides cleaning outside most of the afternoon, my day was pretty uneventful...until tonight....
     This afternoon while my Aaron was outside BBQing Emily comes running into the living room...without a diaper on. I should have learned from yesterdays experience that this usually equals no good. She had been in the bathroom for a while and since the toilet is easily accessible for her I thought maybe...JUST MAYBE she was running out all excited because she had gone to the bathroom all on her own. I tapped on the window to get Aaron's attention. Emily was giggling histarically so I started playing around with her and thought it would be cute to stick her bare little butt cheeks up on the window for dad. As soon as I did Aaron screamed "POOP!" and when I pulled her down, sure enough...there on my sliding glass door was a perfect little poopy butt print from my little Emily. Alright, so I thought it was cute! Aaron and I laughed to the point of tears and then I set off to figure out what happened...sure enough she had gone in her pull ups and had taken them off and put them in the toilet. I put her in the shower, hosed her off and then set out to bleach my sliding glass door. 
     I absolutely love this little girl. Even though she hasn't quite got the WHOLE idea of the potty process, she's definitely on her way there! and don't can keep scrolling down safely, none of these pictures contain Emily excrement's! 

FINALLY! a picture with HER chones on her head!

Emily looking into my new fisheye lens! 
No dad! she did not inherit the space between my eyes!

"no mom, the lens belongs on me" GREAT! what have I created?

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Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

ohhhh a fish eye, you must let me put it on my camera for a few shots tomarrow, thats neat. And also I have tos ay that I adore that picture of her undies on eher head!