Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back at it?

Maybe. The beauty of technology and smart phones is that some genius computer nerd out there has formulated this thing called the app store. While my parents were visiting this weekend, I got the "blog lecture" which pretty much translate to the fact that I suck at documenting my children. So I had this bright idea (that I was hoping would make me a millionaire). WHAT IF there was an app that allowed me to upload from my phone while I was on the go... And GUESS WHAT?! someone already invited it. Flush my hopes and dreams of being a millionaire right down the drain.

However... the beauty of my discovery is that with any luck (I type this as my 2 year old has a meltdown on the floor at my feet) is that I will begin to make a habit out of blogging again. Don't everyone applaud at once.

Over the course of time I hope to update everyone on the amazing things that have happened in the last few year and a half-- new job, school, moving, children's milestones, and dreams for our future.

For now, I leave you will an updated picture of my girls:


lindsey gomes said...

you. crack. me. up. love it!! just do it when you find the time. :) love seeing pics of the girls!

Aurora Smith said...

Yes! I want more!!